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Painting the Banshee

So, last time I painted the Adjudicator on the right. This time, it’s the Banshee. Yeah, I actually primed it white. As usual, click on the pictures for full-sized views.

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Painting the Adjudicator

I’ve got an old GW Orc fleet primed, and ready to be painted, but apparently I don’t like them. I painted my brand-new Adjudicator from Studio Bergstrom instead. It’s the one on the right in the picture. (As usual, click … Continue reading

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Unpacking a Studio Bergstrom Order

So I made an order to Studio Bergstrom, primarily for some fighters to round out Leanne’s Directorate fleet, but also to get some of Charles Oines’ not-quite-Star-Trek models to spiff up my demos, and to get a sample of the … Continue reading

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Port Strike: Kharadorn Royal Navy v. Chaos

The Second Coalition War continues, as the Kharadorn Royal Navy attacks the Octan Station orbiting Mars. Defending against (fictional) Kate’s attack is (fictional) Camille and her Chaos fleet. As usual, click on the thumbnails for more detailed pictures. (The quality … Continue reading

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Port Strike: Eldar Corsairs vs. Battlefleet Gothic

This is the first Port Strike that’s shown up in the Jump War campaign playtest, and it involves a classic match-up between raiders and builders: in this case, Eldar Corsairs and Imperial ships from Battlefleet Gothic.

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Belter Station Workbench

Given that I’ve started taking pictures of everything Jump War-related, it’s no surprise that I took pictures of the Belter Space Station in progress. For those who don’t remember, here’s what it looked like at the start:  

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