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Workbench: Modern Rita, from Hero Forge

Hero Forge is a custom miniature service associated with Shapeways, and no review of any of their models is complete without a quick overview of the service itself. Simply put, Hero Forge is a computer-aided design app that will let … Continue reading

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Workbench: Earth, Moon, and Mars to scale

While this post might be labeled “Workbench”, it’s not, really. The planets you’re looking at above are how I received them from Shapeways.

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Port Strike: Eldar Corsairs v. Mauridian Expeditionary Fleet

Today’s battle recounts yet another Eldar Corsair port strike. (You think that’s what Eldar do?) The location is Neptune (the big blue gas giant), and one of its moons is being played by Encedalus. The Octan Station is orbiting Encedalus, … Continue reading

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Port Strike: Eldar Corsairs v. Terran Republic Navy

In today’s installment of the Jump War playtest reports, the Eldar Corsairs strike at another port, this time an Octan station orbiting Titan. The station will be defended by elements of the Terran Republic Navy. As usual, click on the … Continue reading

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Blockade: Directorate v. Imperials

The Second Coalition War begins with fictional Ivan (leading an Imperial fleet) escorting four freighters into La Grange past a raiding Directorate fleet led by fictional Dan. La Grange is orbiting Julana, a garden world that looks suspiciously like Titan. This … Continue reading

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Belter Station Workbench

Given that I’ve started taking pictures of everything Jump War-related, it’s no surprise that I took pictures of the Belter Space Station in progress. For those who don’t remember, here’s what it looked like at the start:  

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On the workbench: Belter Station and Mauridian Missile Cruisers

Those of you who’ve roamed the site know that I once posted a list of space stations available on Shapeways. Shapeways, for those of you who don’t know, is a print-on-demand 3-d printing service. The ship above is the Belter … Continue reading

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Space Stations

Available on Shapeways: Research Station — 2.7 inches. Belter Trading Station — 3.1 inches. Refining Station — 3.25 inches. Orbital High Port — 2.5 inches. Orbital Factory — 2.1 inches. Orbital Ring City — 2.0 inches.

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