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Final Playtest Fleet Lists: All

So here they all are, in alphabetical order. Keep in mind there are two BFG Imperial lists, because I had so many different ships of theirs laying around. These are all PDFs for download: I don’t think I’ve posted the … Continue reading

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Blockade: Directorate v. Imperials

The Second Coalition War begins with fictional Ivan (leading an Imperial fleet) escorting four freighters into La Grange past a raiding Directorate fleet led by fictional Dan.┬áLa Grange is orbiting Julana, a garden world that looks suspiciously like Titan. This … Continue reading

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Fleet Engagement: Directorate vs. Mauridians

Yet another Fleet Engagement, this time between the Directorate (as invaders) and the Mauridians on defense. In this edition, we discuss planning, and what happens when your plan goes awry.

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Playtest Fleet: the Directorate (v.0.5.4)

The pictured fleet is one of Spartan Games’ Firestorm Armada fleets, the Directorate. Unlike the Cold Navy fleets I’ve posted, this one was painted by Leanne. (Like always, click to expand.)

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