Boy, did that COVID sure, uh, stink!

I’m alive, and actually reading the reviews folks are leaving on Wargame Vault. Thanks for the nice words, and I hear your desire for more ship examples. Amazingly enough, I still have the fleet lists that I used for the final playtest, so I’m going to upload those as I scan them in.

Since there have been a zillion updates to WordPress since the last time I’ve done this, I expect this to take a little longer than usual. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a couple of links.

The first is about the EM drive: it looks like it was, indeed, a really cool way to fool test equipment. The team at the University of Dresden that’s been working on this for the last couple of years finally has a definitive explanation: In a Comprehensive Test, The ‘Impossible’ EM Drive Has Failed to Produce Thrust… Again

On the positive side, there has been some useful progress on Alcubierre’s warp drive theories. A Swedish team calling itself APL (which stands for Applied Physics in Swedish) re-examined Alcubierre’s and White’s work, and removed the need for exotic matter. The down side is that the resulting warp is sub-luminal, but it would be a propellant-less drive in the manner than the EM drive promised: NEW WARP DRIVE MODEL REQUIRES NO ‘EXOTIC MATTER,’ SCIENTISTS SAY WE CAN BUILD IT

Lastly, there does sound like there’s some progress in freezing anti-matter, which would make it useful as a fuel, and feeds into rumors that SpaceX is thinking about using it as such.

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