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I live!

Which isn’t really that different from before. What is different is that I’m back to having a live gaming group, and that’s having a positive effect on my creative juices. As a result, I’ve got some ideas stacked up that should see the light of day in the next month or so. These include:

A review of Army Painter’s new Speed Paint line. This one might take a bit, as I want to try it on several different kinds of miniatures, just to make sure (a) the product works, and (b) which styles of figure it works on (if it does).

A way-late review of the Firefly spaceship models. I found them in the clearance bin of my old game store when I was visiting the in-laws, and I don’t think they’re being made any more, but what the heck.

A running series called “Everyday Carry in a Fantasy World.” Basically, my idea is to take all my notes about historical weapons laws and distill them into posts for other people. If it ends up being thick enough, I’ll end up putting them out as a PDF for people to refer to off-line.

Lastly, I’ve re-activated my Twitter feed, so you don’t have to keep clicking back to see if I’ve updated. See the sidebar if you haven’t followed me yet.

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