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I’m in the middle of taking pictures for a new battle report, and I’ve got access to some new equipment and software, so I figured I’d post this up and see what it looks like.

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Workbench: Mauridian Missile Cruisers

Long-time followers of this blog might remember that I bought some Val’Neveg missile cruisers from Ravenstar Studios back in October of 2013. Here’s the picture I took for that post: Well, I finally got around to painting them. If that … Continue reading

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I write likeArthur Clarke I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

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One Page Rules: Faster Than Light

Star Noir operates under the fiction that an FTL drive works. To be specific, Sonny White’s implementation of the Alcubierre Drive works. In Starships, it makes very little impact, except to limit the places from which a ship may escape. … Continue reading

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I’ve added a bunch of new sections to Star Noir: Xìngyùn, along with adding some (presumably bad) Chinese place names.

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The Battle of Luna, or the Protractor Scenario

Back in Scenario One (the Battle of Ascension) I talked about how ship rotation was short enough to be ignored by Starships. In this scenario, I make the opposite assumption: ship rotation takes a whole turn.

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Star Noir: Xìngyùn

Overview Xìngyùn (Fortune) was a Chinese mining colony, built to take advantage of an enormous precious metals deposit. It earned its independence from Earth-side China during the Market Revolution, which otherwise saw the Communist rulers suppress the Capitalist reformers. Xìngyùn … Continue reading

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Star Noir: The Significant

So far as humanity can tell, the universe is full of habitable worlds. They’ve found them in every system they’ve been to, and settled them all. Five are what you’d call, “significant”. In alphabetic order, they are:

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Normally, PFM is supposed to be about games that I’m working on, but the following article about a possible propellantless drive may lead to a different method in Star Noir. Strange thrust: the unproven science that could propel our children … Continue reading

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State of the Purple Fuzzy Monster

Those of you who’ve followed this site for a while have probably noticed that the number of “workbench” articles have declined somewhat. Okay, stopped completely. The reason for that is that I’ve been bitten by the game-writing bug. I’ve currently … Continue reading

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