Workbench: a Xuvaxi Fleet

Raw metal from Studio Bergstrom

Raw metal from Studio Bergstrom

As you may have gathered from the last post, I made another order to Studio Bergstrom. For this post, the important parts of that order are more samples of the Xuvaxi, working my way through the smaller models that match up with the other Starships fleets. As usual, click on the pictures to see the full size versions.

Investigator-class Scout

Investigator-class scout

As usual, the Bergstrom models are crisp and clean. For completeness, the Xuvaxi ordered were:

[ID-XUV-001] Adjudicator heavy cruiser x 1: $8.50 USD
[ID-XUV-002] Aggressor heavy destroyer x 1: $5.50 USD
[ID-XUV-003] Arbiter light cruiser x 1: $8.00 USD
[ID-XUV-008] Investigator scout-patrol ship x 1: $4.50 USD
[ID-XUV-009] Prosecutor cruiser x 1: $7.00 USD
Arbiter light cruiser

Arbiter light cruiser

Of these, the Investigator and the Arbiter were multi-piece models. The fit on the Investigator was pretty good, while the tolerances on the Arbiter might actually be a little loose. If you’re obsessive about centering the weapons pod, this model might make you uncomfortable.

Underside of a Prosecutor cruiser

Underside of a Prosecutor cruiser

As for the models themselves, they’re made up of all sorts of similar components. That’s not surprising, given that they started out as 3-D prints on Shapeways. To stat up this force probably requires ignoring the number of widgets on each model, as there aren’t many differences in weapons points.

At least, the obvious ones — part of the reason I include this picture is to point out the rectangles underneath that Prosecutor. It and the Adjudicators have them (though the Adjudicators are outies rather than innies). I don’t know what they’re meant to be.

Hanger decks? Loading points for torpedo reloads?

Also, most of the ships have the vent-looking features (excluding the Investigator that’s got holes in its hull).

In front, L to R: Aggressor, Investigator, Adjudicator

In front, L to R: Aggressor, Investigator, Adjudicator

Given that I already painted an Adjudicator, I’ll skip the commentary this time, except to mention that I didn’t mix that blue-green. Instead, I used a couple of craft paints from the Folk Art line: Aqua (Matte Acrylic) for the base coat, and Teal (Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic) for the wash you’ll see later.

L to R: two Adjudicators, Arbiter, Investigator, Prosecutor

L to R: two Adjudicators, Arbiter, Investigator, Prosecutor

They’ve all got fangs, and they paint up nicely. I was a little worried that the Investigator wouldn’t fit with the rest of them, because of the single nacelle, but the fangs made up for it.

Though it is worth noting: the wife is tempted to order a handful of the scouts, leave the nacelles off, and add them to her Directorate fleet.

Showing off the bathtub ring

Showing off the bathtub ring

I include this picture as a warning. If you (like me) have gotten used to using inks, you probably need a remind that paint — and Folk Art paint, especially — can produce horrible bathtub rings if you aren’t careful. I had to spend a little too much time cleaning up after my wash.

Prosecutor side view

Prosecutor, side view

And that looks better.

Aggressor, forward view

Prosecutor, forward view

So, back to the weapon widgets: this picture shows off the obvious weapons mounts on the Xuvaxi. You’ve got a (proton tomato) tube, plus two weapons blisters (phasers?) forward on the Prosecutor above, which is pretty typical. The Xuvaxi are in love with forward-mounted weapons. An inventory:

class         tubes  blisters  bays  vents  other
-----         -----  --------  ----  -----  -----
Investigator    1       2       no    no    no
Aggressor       1       3       no    yes   no
Prosecutor      1       2        2    yes   landing deck aft
Arbiter         1       3       no    yes   weapons pod: 2 blisters fore, 2 aft
Adjudicator     1       3        2    yes   no
Fleet shot, before christening

Fleet shot, before christening

So, from a fleet perspective, we’re probably looking at an escort class (the Investigator), a destroyer (the Aggressor), and three cruisers (the rest). The blister are spines, the bays are fighters (with a bonus for the landing deck), the vents are lasers with a 270º arc, and the tubes are missiles (mines for the Investigator if we’re feeling strict). The weapons pod is probably more lasers.

In action!

In action!

(Ignore the hexes in that picture. It’s a staged shot, on a mat I’ve been testing Somali Yacht Club on.)

I should get some of Ngaksu, and put up some fleet stats. Unfortunately, Ravenstar went and had a sale, so I went and bought some replacements for those metal Masadas that always tip over.

So please buy my game. I apparently need sales to feed my lead/resin habit.

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