Year-Old Paint Review

So …

You know how it was a year since the last post? It had been that long since the last time I painted anything, so here’s a quick review on how well the paints survived.

Anything that was in a dropper bottle survived. A small paper clip cleared the nozzle, and we were off and running again. In my collection: Reaper Miniatures and Army Painter.

The Citadel Paints didn’t hold up quite as well, which had been a complaint of the previous incarnation of their flip-top bottles. They’re great for quick work — when you need only one drop of paint — but their seals don’t hold perfectly. There’s also something different about Citadel’s formulation that dooms a paint when it separates; I ended up discarding some because the pigment had turned into rubber, and I couldn’t get it stirred back into the emulsion. I lost about a third of the base and layer paints, and all of the textures and dries.

I also had four bottles of Testors acrylics, specifically their rosy flesh tones that I hadn’t otherwise been able to find locally. They were all dead — those old-school bottles still don’t work for long-term storage.

Lastly, I had one lonely bottle of Tamiya Smoke. Leanne swears by this for certain effects — it’s a smokey glaze that she puts over other paint to give it that ‘behind glass’ look that you’ll see on some of her models. It survived, but I’m pretty sure one bottle is the very definition of ‘small sample size.’

Until next time!

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