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Playtest Fleet List: Eldar

As promised, here’s the first fleet list from our final playtest in PDF format. It’s the one for the Eldar fleet, and you should be able to match up the ships to models, as I didn’t change the class names … Continue reading

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Boy, did that COVID sure, uh, stink!

I’m alive, and actually reading the reviews folks are leaving on Wargame Vault. Thanks for the nice words, and I hear your desire for more ship examples. Amazingly enough, I still have the fleet lists that I used for the … Continue reading

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You’re not going nuts, if you remember this site having a bunch of Amazon links. Well, I went and got distracted, didn’t update for a while, and Jeff Bezos’s daemons got cranky. (My own fault, really.) So I’ve pulled out … Continue reading

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Workbench: Ravenstar’s Masada Destroyer

Longtime readers of the blog will remember a bunch of battle reports for Starships PFM-01 that included Cold Navy miniatures. The designs by those minis currently reside with Ravenstar Studios, but they minis we used in the reports were the … Continue reading

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Workbench: Modern Rita, from Hero Forge

Hero Forge is a custom miniature service associated with Shapeways, and no review of any of their models is complete without a quick overview of the service itself. Simply put, Hero Forge is a computer-aided design app that will let … Continue reading

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Year-Old Paint Review

So … You know how it was a year since the last post? It had been that long since the last time I painted anything, so here’s a quick review on how well the paints survived. Anything that was in … Continue reading

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Alive Again

So it’s been a year since the site’s last update, but now we’re back. One of the things that’s true is that most of the traffic that’s come to the site (even without updates!) has been to the review pages, … Continue reading

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So, if the news can be believed, the EmDrive has triggered some re-thinking about how the universe works. Obviously, this all supposes that the engine actually works. Today’s related link┬ácomes fromYahoo! News: EmDrive: UK scientist claims ‘new physics’ explains galaxy … Continue reading

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Comic-Con 2016 Information

So I’ve got more information: we’re going to be in Room 15AB this year. That’s in the main hall, on the Mezzanine level. We’re officially there from 1 to 5 on Friday and Saturday, and from 1 to 4 Sunday … Continue reading

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From Futurism, we have an article on the latest theory about the EM drive. In short: the drive is not reaction-less, but emits photons. They’re not being detected because they’re coming out of the drive in pairs with opposing phases. … Continue reading

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